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We're located in the walkable Chatham Village (directions).

How do I sign up?

  1. Contact us to inquire about membership.
  2. Advance schedule your on-boarding.
  3. Full-time desk registration link is below.


Can I use the space part-time?

Probably not.

Unfortunately, we can't accommodate walk-in, same-day or one-time usage of the space.

Mostly, because of on-boarding overhead (see below), but also because we need to be careful to make sure there's always space for members.

We assign dedicated desks to our members, you're free to use the space as little or as much as you want.

We're happy to end your membership at any time and refund the balance for a partial month.

What's onboarding?

We make sure you have a door code and get you registered for WiFi.

  • Pre-schedule a 30-minute registration.
  • Sign up on the web before you arrive to speed the process.
  • Receive your door code and get your devices registered on our network.

Pro-tip: The username and password for the website will be used for wifi. Be careful with case sensitivity and make sure this is something you'll be able to type easily.

Okay, how do I onboard, schedule a walk-through or find out more?

Make an inquiry below.

Membership Inquiries

Text or Phone is best: +1 518 444 4181

You can also reach us on Facebook Messenger

Contact by email for all other non-urgent matters. Email might take weeks.

Membership Plans